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At Beautech, we believe beautiful skins deserve our craftmanship’s dedication with our sound experience and expertise in the Beauty Industry

🌿 Our Professional Service 🌿

Skincare OEM and ODM services

We are a globally recognized GMP & ISO2276 Skincare manufacturer offering multi-level world class services to meet with your needs of creating superior quality, cost effective and innovative products.


With a cutting edge technology and well equipped facilities, our qualified R&D and Chemist team create a true building block to offer you any quality skin and body products from Concept to finished products with our comprehensive all-in-one service.


We turn your ideas into shape from concept to a custom skincare product. Our qualified team will create unique formulations tailored to your requirements and guide you through until you receive your products.


We produce private label products for Salon chains, professionals, celebrities, Beauty clinics and Stores. We can help expand your product line with our result proven formulations in your own packaging.

🌿 Our Total Solution 🌿

From Concept to Finished Products

Concept R&D

Beautech Turns your idea into shape with our well qualified R&D team.

Brand Building - Unique formulation

We help you maintain a leading position ahead of your competitors.

Packaging Selection

We make your products unique and outstanding in the market.

Innovative Design

Beautech will guide you through the design process with artwork templates.

Export Documents

Our experienced team will assist you for documents & certificates needed for import.

Marketing Support

We will provide you available ingredient literatures, clinical test reports and relevant marketing materials.

Supported by science studies and solid expertise, Beautech is your trusted partner in crafting high-performance skin care products

We address the needs of the marketplace to produce top grade personal and professional care products with impeccable GMP standards using the best effective European/USA active ingredients for Estheticians, skincare Professionals, Celebrities, Brand owners, Spa Chains, Clinics and Retailers. We can help you develop a big selection of the safest, best efficacy and cost effective products from concept development to finished products with our one-stop service.

Certified Factory

We are a current GMP(US FDA) & ISO22716 (EC) compliant factory which is required by almost all the Countries in the World when importing Cosmetic/Personal care products.


Our highly trained Research team has been striving to develop the most effective and safest quality products for the past 15 years with many best sellers. Working closely with our European ingredient partners, our team can always offer you the latest and advanced innovative skincare products.

Custom Formulation

We turn your ideas into shape from concept to a custom skincare product. Our qualified team will create unique formulations tailored to your requirements and guide you through until you receive your products.

The Journey from Concept to Consumer

Start with Premium Ingredients:
Beautech prides itself on sourcing active ingredients such as Fermented Extracts, Plant Stem Cells Culture, Probiotics, Botanical Extracts, and Peptides from top global suppliers. Only the highest quality, potent ingredients are chosen, aligning with the latest skincare research and advancements.

Tailored Formulation and Rigorous Testing

Customized Chemistry:
Beautech’s team of experienced chemists works closely with brands to develop bespoke formulations. These are meticulously tailored to each brand’s unique needs, considering texture, scent, feel, and the desired results.

State-of-the-Art Production and Quality Assurance

Advanced Manufacturing:
Beautech’s facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling efficient mass production without compromising on quality.
Quality Control:
The quality control team conducts comprehensive evaluations at every production stage, ensuring that only flawless products reach consumers.

By leveraging Beautech’s comprehensive OEM capabilities, brands can allocate their resources more effectively towards design, marketing, and sales, while Beautech handles the complexities of manufacturing. As a result, brands can focus on what they do best, assured that their visions will be transformed into reality with precision and care by entrusting the manufacturing process to Beautech.


We export globally and we are familiar with the import control formalities in different Countries. We can prepare these documented certificates which may be needed for you to pass your customs. We understand you may need extra documents to clear the goods from customs and we are able to help prepare these documents for you to get your skincare products with much ease and faster.

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