Translucent Flawless Brightening Solution #TM014

  • This treatment is formulated with a highly active skin lightening complex such as Plankton Extract, Arbutin, Vitamins C, E, F, Glutathion and various vegetal extracts for maximum synergistic effectiveness.
  • Combats pigmentation process in multiple stages from UV gene expression to DNA repair
  • Consistently reduce melanin production and deposition in Epidermis

 Treatment Benefits

  • Overall brightens skin and increases even complexion
  • Treat pigmentary spots and skin discoloration
  • Correct UV induced DNA damage
  • Skin becomes translucent and lightened

 Each box contains 5 Professional treatment sets

  • Soft Peel Exfoliator 2ml / 0.07fl oz x 5
  • Flawless Brightening Serum 2ml / 0.07fl oz x 5
  • Lightening Infusion Aqua 5ml / 0.26fl oz x 5
  • Lightening Infusion Powder 5g / 0.088 oz x 5
  • Translucent Brightening Cream 15g / 0.525 oz x 1