Professional Treatment Experience Trial Set

This value pack contains the best selected items from our regular treatment set and is good for 2 sittings. It is intended to let you experience initially the finest quality of our products. Our regular treatment offers 5 items each and is good for 5 sittings. It will give you better efficacious with visible results.

 Trial Sets available:

Telomere DNA Youth Reborn Derma System

Key Benefits
。Anti-Aging  。Re-densifying 。Rejuvenating  。Anti-wrinkle

Each box contains:

Vit E Revitalizing Massage Oil  3ml x 2

Telomere DNA Cell Rejuvenating Serum  3ml x 2

DNA Telomere Cell Regenerating  Mask 30g x 2

Face Contour Reshape System

Key Benefits

。Trims down Fat Volume 。Reshape Face contour 。Firm up double chin

Each box contains:

Contour Reshaping Massage Cream  15g x 2

Contour Renewal Serum  2ml x 2

Lifting and Shaping Serum  3ml x 2

Moisturizing V-Shape Face Gel Mask  15g x 2

Bright Eyes Revive System

Key Benefits

。Anti-Dark Circle  。Anti Eye-bag  。Refining  。Lifting

Each box contains:

Eye Contour Lift Massage Gel  10g x 2

Radiance Clear Eye Solution  2ml x 2

Eye De-Puffing Detox Fluid  2ml x 2

Pure Collagen Repair Eye Mask  10g x 2

Micro-Needle Therapy System Treatment

Key Benefits

。Stimulate cell renewal 。smooth wrinkles 。Reduce scars 。Delay aging

Each box contains:

Dermal Infusion Serum 3ml x 2

MTS infusion Serum 3ml x 2

Intensive Moisturizing and Sensitive mask 20ml x 2

Botanical Stem Cell Revival Programme

Key Benefits

。Rejuvenating  。 Age-Delaying  。 Anti-Wrinkle  。Lightening

Each box contains:

Intensive Repairing Gel  15g x 2

PhytoCell Granules  2g x 2

Skin Rejuvenate Essence  3ml x 2

Intensive Cell Revival Cream Mask  15g x 2

Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing System

Key Benefits

。Anti-Wrinkle 。Silky Smooth  。Lifting  。Anti-ageing

Each box contains:

Anti-Oxidant Moisturizing Massage Oil 3ml x 2

Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Serum 3ml x 2

Silky Smooth Whitening Mask 30ml x 2

Max Hydra Moisturizing Soothing Treatment

Key Benefits

。Max Hydration 。24hrs Moisturizing  。Pollution Guard  。Soothing & Calming

Each box contains:

Intensive Moisturizing Gel  15g x 2

Sensitivity Smoothing Essesnce  3ml x 2

Max Hydra Cream Mask  15g x 2

Pollution Guard Revitalizing Serum  3ml x 2

Caviar Cellular Vita Infusion Programme

Key Benefits

。Max Hydration 。Luminous  。Moisturinzing  。Firming

Each box contains:

Skin Lightening Serum 3ml x 2

Diamond Ultra Radiance Serum 3ml x 2

Revitalizing Hydration Massage Gel 10g x 2

Ultra Lift Firming Mask 10g x 2