Micro Needle Therapy System Treatment #TM005

  • Micro Needles penetrate epidermis accelerating synthesis of Collagen and Elastin
  • Activate delivery system to supply more active nutrients into epidermis
  • Promote cell proliferation and keratin decomposition
  • Accelerate skin renewal to reveal healthy and youthful skin

Treatment Benefits

–  Stimulate cell renewal and enhance metabolism,

–  Rejuvenate the skin; smooth wrinkles, lifting and tightening skin.

–  Activate laminin hyperplasia, reduces scars, stretch marks and smooth bumps.

–  Introduce different effect serums through micro channels that improves skin texture for different skin needs to thoroughly solve skin problems and delay aging.

Each box contains 8 Professional treatment sets

  • MTS Infusion Serum 3 ml / 0.105 fl oz x 8
  • Dermal Infusion Serum 3ml / 0.105 fl oz x 8
  • Intensive Moisturizing and Sensitive Mask 20g / 0.706 oz x 8
  • Nutrients Recovery Cream 30ml / 1.05oz x 1

Dermal Infusion Serum available for selection:

  • Telomere DNA Cell Rejuvenating Serum
  • Regenerating Serum
  • Lifting & Shaping Serum
  • Intensive Refining Serum
  • Hydra Moisturizing Serum
  • Flawless Brightening serum
  • Skin Rejuvenate Serum
  • Anti-Acne Clear Spots Serum
  • Radiance Clear Eye Solution
  • Eye De-Puffing Detox fluid
  • Cellular Revitalize Fluid
  • Diamond Ultra Radiance Serum