Max Hydra Moisturizing Soothing Treatment #TM002

  • Helps maintaining the osmotic equilibrium of cells. Its rapid, efficient and long lasting hydration effect can sustain the satiation of keratocytes to recover the suppleness and elasticity to skin.
  • Effectively calm and cool the skin with the powerful anti-oxidant properties to combat free radicals. Also protect skin against photo damage from ultra violet light.
  • This Luxe Radiance Treatment is recommended for dry and matured skin to offer optimal benefits of a naturally softer, firmer, smoother skin with a more luminous complexion.

Treatment Benefits

  • Max Hydration
  • 24 Hrs Non-stop Moisturizing
  • All Weather Pollution Guard
  • Swift Soothing & Calming

 Each box contains 5 Professional treatment sets

  • Aqua replenishing Fluid 3ml / 0.105 fl oz x 5
  • Intensive Moisturizing Gel 15g / 0.525 oz x 5
  • Sensitivity Smoothing Essence 3ml / 0.105 fl oz x 5
  • Max Hydra Cream Mask 15g /0.525 oz x 5
  • Pollution Guard Revitalizing Serum¬† 3ml / 0.105 fl oz x 5