Acne Spots Clear Wand



5ml / 0.176 fl. oz

Oleanolic acid inhibits 5-a reductase to fight hyperseborrhoea. NDGA is a cell growth regulator that inhibits hyperkeratosis and inflammation. The osmotic gel helps to control bacterial growth, and provides a long time disinfection and hydration on skin.

– Inhibits inflammation
– Disinfection
– Fights hyperseborrhoea
– Hydration

Function and Characteristics :
– Effectively fight against hyperseborrhoea nd inhibits hyperkeratosis.
– It is anti-inflammation and controls bacterial growth to reduce blemishes acne spots.
– Kill bacteria, yeast, fungus and virus.
– Provides a long time disinfection and hydration on skin.
– Non toxic, non irritant and skin friendly.

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