Our Factory

Our GMP-compliant manufacturing facility uses the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to produce your skincare products and our qualified technical team will handle your order with extra care throughout the production process. We are capable of performing different production process to meet with your specifications and with on time delivery. Your orders will be run smoothly and efficiently by our incredibly knowledgeable team in our well- equipped manufacturing facility.

Production Capabilities

Our Quality Standard


EC 2007(E)


ISO 14644-1 ISO06/07

Clean Room






We have very stringent quality measures set up in our factory to supplying you the safest yet best effective products besides observing and complying with the latest global GMP cosmetic directives. Our Cleanroom is well monitored with Laser particle detector and Humidity/Temperature/Air pressure controls and is certified up to class 10,000 standard or ISO06/07 (ISO 14644-1) which is Food Grade or above Cosmetic grade. 

In order to preserve the best quality of your products for a much longer period of time, besides using R.O.(Reverse Osmosis) technology to obtain the pure water, we have also employed a EDI (Electro-deionized) processing to get rid of the free ions, which enables us to obtain the absolute purest water with conductivity rate < 0.1 uS/cm.

In addition, when formulating our products, we will comply with the GMP Cosmetic directives to use only the non-restricted, non-harmful, non-animal tested ingredients and within requested dosage limits. 

Producing with Beautech

As soon as the order is finalized with our customers, our work process will be initiated immediately to ensure on-time delivery. Throughout the procedure, we take every step to carry out quality checks of raw materials, packaging materials, work-in-progress and final finished products to ensure all of them are of the first grade quality.

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Our Process

Main Export Markets

We export globally and we are familiar with the import control formalities in different Countries. We can prepare these documented certificates which maybe needed for you to pass your Customs. Main Export Markets: Australia, China, Nigeria, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Estonia, Poland